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About Cafe Funkie Town.

The quintessential café culture was pioneered in the 60’s by the Irani cafés in Bombay, passionately run by Parsis.They mus…hroomed all over the place by the hundreds,however, sadly you would find only a handful of them around today, endangered in existence, just like us Parsis.


The bent wood chairs,marble tables, walls clad with vintage parsi frames and the very strict and bizarre café rules to follow.They made hordes of fans, from the rich and famous, the filmy glamour to the common Bombay man. The simplicity of a morning chai with bun maska to their eclectic gourmet fare appealed to every Bombaiya’s palate.


Cafe Funkie Town is an ode, a tribute to the cafés of that old Bombay era.Once upon a time the talk of the town, and today a fading memory for most of us.I invite you to join me on a delectable gourmet experience, reliving the good old days and seeing Bombay cuisine with me, just my way.


Come, let’s celebrate the Bombay I knew, again.


Firoz Burjor Mithaiwala


*Open all days from 10 am to 11 pm- Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Chai, High-Tea, Dinner & Desserts – Reservations taken for breakfast, lunch & dinner and parties of 6 and above.

About Us

Cafe Funkie town is a family run business, who are very passionate about the food they serve and about preserving the Irani café culture.

They come from a rich culinary background since their family was in the catering business since the 1930’s.

The Parsi food served here is from the family recipes passed down by their grandmother and great grand mother since 8 decades.

Enjoy the old Bombay ambience

Café Funkie Town is made to remind you of that good old Bombay we all grew up in.

Once you come in you are teleported back in time.
Come and experience this back in time feeling with us.

Authentic Parsi food

Café Funkie town is the only Irani café In Dubai serving authentic Parsi food which is from recipes past on from a generation which knew the true sense of living and loving.

Since 1930’s this family has been trying their best to bring smiles on peoples faces with their mouth watering Parsi Cuisine.

Excellent Bombay Street food

We are also known for our mouth watering Bombay Street food such as our Frankies, Baida Rotis, Chilli cheese toast etc.

We specialize in Bombay Street food the non veg way.

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  • Shop 12 & 13, Ground Floor, Saba 3, Opposite the Park, Cluster Q, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

  • Unit F40, Level 1, Tower F, Bay Avenue, Business Bay

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